As hobbyists ourselves, we understand the advances that are continually being made in order to give us more opportunity for success with our aquarium systems. No two systems are the same, with each having unique filtration, lighting and husbandry requirements. We’ve learned that there are many different roads to success in this hobby and sometimes it takes a little bit of trial and error to get there. With that in mind, Triton Aquatics has created the Bluefin series product line of multi-purpose reactors.


Our Bluefin reactors can be set-up in a multitude of ways:

• Bio-Pellet Reactor
• GFO Reactor
• Media Reactor
• Calcium Reactor (6" sizes)
• Nilsen Reactor (6" sizes)

You can now have peace of mind knowing that, as your system changes and grows, the Bluefin reactor will be able to adapt. In addition to flexibility, there are several features that put the Bluefin reactor in a league of its own. Bluefin reactors are available in two colors (blue and clear) and in various sizes (see chart below for more details) to accommodate aquarium systems from 20 to 5,000 gallons.


The Bluefin reactor's low profile lid not only provides a sleek look, but also contains the reactor's internal plumbing which protects against damage. Our lid is plastic injection molded using commercial grade material, further increasing product durability. The wide silicone gasket creates a superior seal to prevent leaks otherwise found in standard o-rings. This is a design that goes unmatched in the industry.


We raise the bar again by using 5mm thick cast acrylic tubes with 99% clarity to make-up the body of the reactor. Inside, an acrylic down tube supports a CNC custom made, clog resistant screen. Our screen allows for better flow through the reactor which significantly reduces screen build-up, common in other reactors that, over time, clog the unit.

Unparalled Performance

The most significant feature of the Bluefin reactor is its one piece Pelton™ designed base plate. A piece that cannot be created with a standard CNC table router, the Bluefin reactor's Pelton ™ designed base plate doubles the flow rate of the water inside of the chamber. Compared to other reactors which use a simple, flat base plate in their design, our reactor is capable of efficiently tumbling 1,500 ml of Bluefin Bio-Pellets with a Maxi-Jet 1200 powerhead! We are confident that the Triton Aquatic Bluefin reactor is head and shoulders above the competition, and, once it’s in your tank, you will be, too!

Bluefin Reactors and Bio-Pellets are now available! To purchase online click here!