From the time he set up his first freshwater tank as a young teen, Steve Lutz has had a fascination with aquariums. He was always looking for cutting edge products to enhance his systems and began building his own equipment, and his first tank, as a young man. In addition to his love of fish, he also had precision machining skills that were in high demand. In 2005, he established Triton Aquatics where he was able to combine his hobby and his skills to create custom aquarium equipment for wholesale and retail sales in the Midwest. He envisioned a line of products that would appeal to the most dedicated of hobbyists and customized equipment for the commercial aquarium industry. The first product Steve designed and manufactured for The Bluefin Series was the BlueFin reactor, which has evolved into an in demand product of assorted sizes and colors.

Steve is recognized for his problem solving and design abilities in the machining industry. His career in industrial design and engineering has spanned over 40 years due to his keen knowledge of industrial machinery, most notably his unmatched skill in CNC machining. Steve is also proficient in AutoCAD and other engineering design programs. He has done work for the smallest machine shops to large corporations like General Motors, Boeing and Ridge Tool. Steve is very proud to say that he has made parts for the U.S. military, too. He has established strong business relationships in both the manufacturing and aquarium industries which enable him to access professional input as needed.

Steve’s goal is to continue to make flexible products that can adapt to rapid advances in the aquarium industry. Designed with ease of use in mind and a clean modern look, each product is made of heavy duty materials that can stand the test of time under the wear and tear of aquarium conditions. Products are developed and manufactured in a 12,000 square foot fabrication and manufacturing facility. Triton Aquatics utilizes modern day machining equipment such as MAZAK CNCs and a staff of experienced machinists. In order to ensure that his finished product meets the high standard Steve has set in the manufacturing industry, he has created his own plastic injection molds. This is not only cost effective for the end-user but also allows Steve to quickly adapt designs to fit the needs of current and future equipment modifications. Because machining is done in house using high quality raw materials, Triton Aquatics is able to offer high quality, high performance products at affordable prices. Steve Lutz was once an aquarium hobbyist just like you. He was able to take the love of his hobby, desire to create an authentic environment for his fish, and incomparable machinist skills to create reliable products that meet his high standards. They’ll meet yours, too.